Slythe (Thundercats/MOTUC)


Continuing my Thundercats series of canceled figures from Mattel. The ruthless and self-appointed ruler of the Mutants, Slythe has an uneasy relationship with Mumm Ra, as he has very little respect for his undead master. Slythe isn’t the smartest of villains, but he is brutish and powerful and wields a massive long handled ax.

Plans for Slythe sat at my desk for months. I wasn’t sure how to approach his odd, hunchbacked body shape. Finally he organically started to take shape. He was made from a Dragon Man that was heavily altered. I cut him to pieces and put him back together using heavy sculpting. His lower legs are King Choupa, and his ears and spikes are from Ceratus. He is wrapped up in a Thundercats style paint job to match his vintage predecessor. Enjoy!



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