Robota (MOTUC Original)


Roboto has fallen into a severe depression. In an effort to bring meaning to his friend’s life, Man-At-Arms creates a partner for Roboto. The result isn’t all bad, but not all good either. Enter: Robota! Her love for Roboto is nearly eclipsed by her love for war. And no one has control over her…not even herself. Robota comes with 4 interchangeable arms including one normal arm, one robot arm, one claw arm, and one blaster arm. She’s also “armed” with a second canon blaster, and is modeled after Roboto from head to toe, including the same paint scheme and translucent hoses as homage to Roboto’s clear parts.

Robota was made from a Multibot lower half melded with a female motuc upper body. Her arms were made from multibot’s gun and a Terminator arm. She has sculpted details and lots of fodder parts, wrapped up in an ACCF Filmation style paint job. Enjoy!



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