Titan (MOTUC Original)


For years Titan has been traveling between dimensions conquering world after world, bringing armies, war lords, and dynasties to their knees, and he does it all with the Glove of Chaos. No one knows where or how he got it, but with it he is able to bend reality to his will. There is no known weakness to it. Titan is not only extremely powerful, but he is also uber intelligent. Titan has put together one of the most fearsome groups of warriors time has ever seen, and all are controlled by the blue glow of the Forever Gem embedded in the Glove of Chaos! And now the Clan Chaos is coming to Eternia!

Titan was made from a MOTUC Dekker base, with Prahvus arms and skirt, DCUC Bizzaro cape, ML Sabretooth head. All of his armor was sculpted to give a battle warn cracked effect. Details of the Glove of Chaos were also sculpted. Hi is finished with a FILMATION inspired paint job. Enjoy!



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