Statue-Esque (MOTUC Original)


Millennia ago on a distant world, that planet’s greatest warrior fell. A statue was resurrected in her honor. Lifetimes later Titan began assembling his Clan Chaos to destroy all order in the universe. He had been seeking the statue of the greatest warrior that died long ago. When he found it he fell in love and used the glove of Chaos to bring her back to life to not only serve him in his mission, but also to rule at his side as his future queen. Now, armed with a battering staff made by Gundown, Statue-Esque is near invulnerable!

SE was made from a Huntara base, Teela head with She-Ra face armor, Queen Grayskull feet, fodder parts, a 3D printed right hand so she can point her staff, and sculpted statue details. She is finished with a rocky/granitepaint job with deep shading. Enjoy!



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