Mumm-Ra (Thundercats/MOTUC)


Empowered by the mystical Ancient Spirits of Evil, the immortal sorcerer Mumm-Ra is the Thundercats’ nemesis.

The ever-living Mumm-Ra and immortal sorcerer and arch nemesis of the Thundercats! He is empowered by mystical Ancient Spirits of Evil, and wants to conquer Third Earth! We all know him from the excellent 80’s cartoon, but for some reason Mattel’s Thundercats line by the Four Horsemen was canceled before this figure could be made. So I made him! He comes with his updated original dagger and sword, and 2 sets of interchangeable hands so he can be depicted in different looks from the show! I tried to keep him as close to the cartoon as possible, adding just a touch of my own concept.

Mumm-Ra was made from a MOTUC Skeletor base, Demo Man feet, fodder parts for his second set of hands, his head is a MOTUC Flogg head with TONS of sculpted detail, and even more sculpted details throughout the figure from head to toe. His cape is from Wraal, and I incorporated parts of the vintage figure’s helmet into this guy’s helmet! Finished with a paint job inspired by the vintage cartoon. Enjoy!



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