Hordroid (MOTUC Original)


Hordroid is a real pain in He-Man’s ass! Created by Hordak from dismembered body parts off the battlefield as a personal body guard, the only thing human remaining in this android is his lower face and half a brain. He is programmed with one function: protect Hordak at all cost! When activated a whirl of his belt engine can be heard, and death isn’t far behind!

Hordroid was made from a MOTUC Hordak base, with Karati, Stratos and Hydron parts, DCUC Lex Luthor armor hands, 2000x Slime Pit Monster chest part, and his head is a DC Armored Batman lower face melded with an upside down Wall-E head. Finished in a vibrant FILMATION style paint job. Enjoy!



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