NIGHTBIRD (MOTUC/Transformers Concept)


Fans of the 1984 G1 Transformers cartoon might remember Nightbird! She was featured in one episode (S2E6 ‘Enter the Nightbird’) and, as far as I know, never made a return despite the foreshadowing of one. I always felt she was a strange and interesting character with an amazing design. She was a robot ninja made by humans. The Autobots were tasked with guarding her and of course Megatron stole her and made her evil! I always felt like she would fit perfectly into the Masters of the Universe world, so I went for it!

Nightbird features seamless MOTUC parts mixed with her specific and accurate paint job from the Transformers cartoon! She was made from a MOTUC Jewel Star base with sculpted details, Queen Grayskull head with sculpted details, her cyber sword and nun-chucks, finished with a classic Sunbow paint job. Enjoy!




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