General Fang (MOTUC Original)


General Fang is venom personified! The oldest of the Snakemen, Fang was just an underling in Lady Slither’s army, but after a sneak attack by Skeletor’s forces, he was captured and tortured by Trap-Jaw. Over the years he rose in the ranks to now command the snake army with only one mission in mind: Revenge! Armed with his own interchangeable cybernetic hook hand and photon canon, General Fang won’t rest until he adds Trap-Jaw’s own weapons to his arsenal, and his head on a plate!

Fang was made from a MOTUC Tung Lashor upper body with Squeeeze lower body, Hordak arms, DC Lex Luthor armored boots, Foe Men helmet on a Snake Face heavily modded head, and 2 Karate shoulder pads. Finished in a vibrant, scaled paint job. Enjoy!



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