Future Eternia Skeletor (MOTUC Concept)


During a battle to close the portal to Dark Eternia, a gateway to the future was opened. Emerging from the blinding event were several warriors from future Eternia. These warriors, though familiar, possessed far different powers than their present counterparts. Arriving from the future more sinister than ever, a tremor tearing the ground in half revealed Skeletor wielding a magisonic canon. Now armed with magical sonic powers, Skeletor is able to channel them into his blaster and death club! In the future Skeletor has truly become the living embodiment of evil.

Future Eternia Skeletor comes with his custom made magisonic canon and death club, and was made from a Skeletor base, Cosmic Skeltor modded head and waist armor, Extendor biceps, Hordak hood, Hydron fodder tubes and Count Marzo cape and armor with sculpted details. Finished off with a sinister classically evil paint job! Enjoy!



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