Future Eternia He-Man (MOTUC Concept)


During a battle to close the portal to Dark Eternia, a gateway to the future was opened. Emerging from the blinding event were several warriors from future Eternia. These warriors, though familiar, possessed far different powers than their present counterparts. Perhaps the most vexing mystery is Future Eternia He-Man. Now a mystic cyborg, in the future He-Man’s body was destroyed in battle by Skeletor. Able to only save He-Man’s head, Man-At-Arms was able to devise a cybernetic suit that, combined with Orko’s magic, can not only suspend He-Man’s head in a floating continuum and keep him alive, but made him even stronger than he was before!

Future Eternia He-Man comes with his Future Sword of Power, and was made from a Man-E-Faces base, Cyclone arms and boots, He-Man armor, and a brand new sculpted head that sits atop a clear acrylic stick to give it the illusion that it is floating! Wrapped him up in a Filmation style matte/metallic paint job! Enjoy!



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