Full Figure Sculpting Tutorial (MOTUC Flail Tail)


Over the years the tutorials on my site have gotten more attention than any figure I’ve made. I love this work, and I love sharing the process as much as the final product. I get a lot of compliments on my Masters of the Universe Classics figures, so I thought a tutorial on one would be perfect. So for the tutorial I chose a figure that I knew would involve a lot of work that I could share. I chose Flail Tail, an assassin in Lady Slither’s Snakeman army, and based on some concept art found online.

For the tutorial I’m going to let the pictures below pretty much speak for themselves. They show the concepts art to finished product and every step between. I started by piecing together the most basic female MOTUC figure I could, and dremeled down any raised surface I didn’t need. From there I sculpted over the body in layers, 2 limbs at a time, over 3 days as each sculpt session needed about 6 hours to fully harden. Make sure to blend the sculpt around the hips and joints into the figure as closely as you can. It always helps to use water to rub the sculpt down, and then once the sculpt hardens you can sand excess off. The scales and details were made with my favorite dentist tool/wax carver and a thin metal pick I use in all my sculpting. All of the tools can be found with links in my previous tutorial here. Once the figure was fully sculpted I painted her up to match the concept art with paints that I use here. Hope this helps, and please contact me with any questions. Here is a link to Flail-Tail’s full gallery. Enjoy! AC



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