Flail-Tail (MOTUC Concept)


The most cunning of Lady Slither’s House of Slither Snakemen, Flail-Tail is also her most skilled hand to hand combatant. Her colors make her the perfect night time warrior, and her calm demeanor juxtaposed her intense fighting behavior constantly puts her at odds with her team mate Hisssteria. Flail-Tail is armed with her dual Fang Blades, but she often bests her opponents with a slash of her pronged tail!

Flail-Tail is 99% sculpted over a MOTUC base comprised of several female figures dremeled down smooth. She has a sculpt modded Cobra Khan head, ML Iron Fist hands with sculpted detail, and her tail was made from Scorpina’s with added fodder and sculpt. Definitely on of the more intense MOTUC figures I’ve made, and I love how she turned out! Enjoy!



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