Merina (MOTUC Original)


There is an old myth among the sailors of Eternia that if terror you bring to the sea, it’s terror you’ll meet. Merina is the foundation of those stories. She is centuries old, and the scorned sea goddess of Eternia Major, the largest sea in Eternia. Legend has it that she was to inherit her father’s fortunes. When her lover found out he murdered her on their wedding night and threw her body into Eternia Major. Now Merina tears through any mariner that is not true of heart. Her body is covered in sea remnants, from the skulls and shells that serve as her armor, to the octopus’s she wears as camouflage. She is armed with her trident and horn of death that paralyzes her victims.

Merina was made from a MOTUC Mermista body, She-Ra head with sculpted details. The details of her costume were sculpted, including the 2 octopus on her chest. She was finished with a sea worn and metallic paint job. Enjoy!



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