Speed-Zone (MOTUC Original)


Recently battles between He-Man and Skeletor have been thwarted by a mysterious blue and yellow streak. Enter Speed-Zone. His power of speed is tethered to the Dark Eternia Universe, and he is severely weakened when the door ways to his universe close. Having seen the endless villainy in the Dark Eternia dimension, Speed-Zone decides to ally himself with He-Man. Not only does he have the power of extreme speed, but Speed-Zone can also time travel and manipulate his density. But the only way he can keep his powers is if he and He-Man can find a way to permanently keep the door to Dark Eternia open.

Speed-Zone was made from a Photog lower half, Icarus upper half, Hydron shorts and heavily moded head, and fodder hands, and sculpted details throughout. Since he is a speedster his paint job was Tron inspired with several shades of flat and gloss black, and neon colors. Enjoy!



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