Omega He-Man and Skeletor (MOTUC Original)


The day the dimensional rift to Dark Eternia opened He-Man and Skeletor met on the battlefield. In the same moment their swords first clashed, displaced energy came forth from the rift, shot around the realm of Eternia and struck the two titans. The dark energy melded He-Man and Skeletor into one Omega being. The transformation only lasted one day, but on that day not one warrior knew which side to fight for. In the confusion The Omega laid waste to both sides, constantly phasing between the two beings in what appeared to be a constant struggle of dominance. By the end of the day the energy was spent and the two split back into their original selves. Neither having any memory of what had happened.

The Omega was made from a MOTUC Nepthu base, Skeletor leg, Zodak arm, Stratos foot, ML Thor cape, DC Darkseid skirt, He-Man chest armor with sculpted detail. His 2 heads are both a Foe Man hooded head, one with a Prince Adam face grafted in, and the other with a custom Filmation Skeletor head (by Barsome) grafted in to the hood. I wrapped this guy up with a bright and vibrant Filmation style paint job. Enjoy!


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