Asp (MOTUC Original)


The newest member of King Hiss’s Snake Men, Asp is as poisonous as they come, and an expert swordsman. Asp is covered with poisonous barbs and scales, and has his trusty stone sword that attaches to his back along his sash made of swamp reeds. Asp is known for leading the Snake Men into battle under cover of night, and surprising his prey before hypnotizing them with his eyes and striking!

Asp sports one of the most meticulous paint jobs I’ve ever done. The contrast of colors is one of my favorite! He was made from a MOTUC Slush Head base, Demo-Man lower legs and feet, Hordak skirt, a heavily modified Eternia Guard Snake Man head with a ML Carnage tendril for a tongue, sculpted reed sash and wrist gauntlets, and a deeply shaded Filmation paint job. Enjoy!



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