Angela (MOTUC Style)


One hell of a babe, and one hell of a story. Angela did start out as Asgard’s Assassin. Now Thor’s half sister and member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Angela started out as an Image character and Spawn antagonist. Now being Asgardian, what better base body to use than a Masters of the Universe Classics figure. It has the stature the character deserves, and a great canvas to sculpt all that armor. She started out as a Battle Ground Tela, with lower legs and crotch from 2 other MOTUC figs. I sculpted every inch of her armor, from head to toe, including her face plate and belt details. Her weapons are also sculpted. She still retains all of her articulation that came with the base figure. Her belt, head wings, and weapons are from fodder. Her mystical ribbon is gold wired ribbon with painted details. Finished her off with a very metallic/angelic paint job. By far the most work I’ve put into a figure. Enjoy!




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