Black Knight (Dane Whitman)


Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, Avenger. I have been wanting to do this guy for a long time. I have always loved his 80’s street look with the leather jacket and light saber style sword. Maybe the most under rated Avenger, and absolutely due for an MCU appearance. Black Knight has every detail from his 80’s costume including the brown jacket with real worn leaher effects, the sculpted avengers patches on his shoulders, sculpted shirt and boot details, and the bird crest on his shirt. He also has layers of dark blue and several shades of black and ebony in his costume. He also comes with 2 Ebony Blades; his trusty weapon. One is a traditional look, and the other is the 80’s flaming/light saber sword. He has great articulation and some amazing metallic details in his custom paint job!

Dane was made from a Machine Man base, Fury arms, Cap jacket, Black Knight head with sculpted details, and Bucky Cap boots with Zemo hands. Custom paints from head to toe! Enjoy!



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