One of my long time favorite characters, Deathlok has gone through a few phases and aliases over the years. However, I don’t think any of them struck a chord with fans quite like his stint on X-Force. Deathlok is the concept on which greats like Terminator and Robocop have been built on, and he’s pretty much a zombie to boot! When Rick Remender added him to the X-Force team, it gave Deathlok the perfect canvas on which to lock in the death count! I grantee this is the coolest Deathlok to ever hit the 6″ seen. He’s equipped with a brand new scaled down Bowen head sculpt, 2 custom made laser canons and a hand blaster that all attach to his backpack and belt. He also comes with the coolest weapon ever given to a comic book character next to Wolverine’s claws… Wolverine LASER claws!

I want to give a hoot to John at Pack Rat Studios, and another guy I found on the web who did an amazing Deathlok but I don’t know his name, for the inspiration for this figure.

Deathlok was made from a Titanium Man base, Magneto boots, Deathlok hands, backpack and Bowen cast head, sculpted shoulder pads and neck piece, and a bunch of fodder. Wrapped up in an X-Force paint job! Enjoy!



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