John and Zombie Marston (Red Dead Redemption)


The dynamic duo from the Red Dead Redemption video games, James Marston and Zombie Marston are the lead badasses from that post-apocalyptic West World. This is the second time I’ve tackled these two guys, and they are still some of my favorite characters to work on. I love making zombies, and James is one of the coolest looking cowboys in the land. These were commissions for a guy that works on the show ‘Person of Interest’ with Jim Caveizel.

James was made from a DCUC Jonah Hex base, Star Man legs, some fodder and sculpted details, and a western paint job with a lot of dry brushing. Zombie Marston was a Star Man base, with a heavily modded Guile head, some fodder and sculpted details. Another heavily dry brushed paint job. Enjoy!



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