Haling from the Dark Eternia mountains, Four-Arm is part of a gladiator race that doesn’t mix well with others. With news of the war on Eternia growing, Four-Arm has ventured from his universe to war, and no one knows which side he’ll be on! Four-Arm has brought with him a vine from the unbreakable Flat-Trap trees that he uses to display the bones of his defeated enemies, and an arsenal of weapons. Check out his battle warn shield and custom made swords and war club!

Four-Arm was made from a MOTUC Dentist base with an extra set of arms (word up to Jin Saotome for the ‘how-to’). Even with the arms the figure still retains every inch of his articulation, which is really cool! He has a ML Sabertooth head with part of a Hostel figure helmet for the face mask. Finished with some fodder and a bold Filmation style paint job. Enjoy!




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