Super Skeletor (MOTU vs DCU)


Stepping out of the pages of the Masters of the Universe vs DC Universe comic is the menacing big bad, Super Skeletor! This is what happens when you cross the streams! For Super Skeletor I incorporated details from the comic design as well as several custom figures made of the character (shout out to HKC). I packed Skeletor with tons of sculpted detail. He features sculpted armor from head, shoulders, chest, abs, legs, and boots. And his head is an entirely original custom one of a kind sculpt! His paint job is several shades of flat, metallic, and gloss purple highlighted with black details. He has blue and gold dry brushing, and home made metallics. Finished him off with emanating energy effects that clip on to his arms. This Super Skeletor is a beast! Enjoy!



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