Stone-Ax (MOTUC Original)


A Spartan warrior stands at the edge of a green Earth pasture and prepares to turn it red with the blood of his enemy. As he charges toward his fate a meteor crashes near by. With a bright flash the field is torn in two and the Spartan warrior vanishes. He awakens on Eternia, and is found by Battle Cat on a scouting mission. Sensing that he would benefit from having the Spartan on his side, He-Man has the Sorceress fashion a magical stone ax and shield, and the Spartan takes the name Stone-Ax. Having traveled to another dimension he seeks familiarity through battle, becoming the most feared tactician in Eternia. As a show of gratitude, Stone-Ax has the Sorceress forge Battle Cat’s claw mark into his shield as a reminder to his enemies of what they are about to encounter. He adds a new tribal tattoo before every battle depending on who he is going up against.

Stone-Ax was made from a MOTUC Dentist body, ML Hyperion head with Spiral helmet, and ML Odin BAF arms. He has sculpted armor and his shield is fully sculpted with Battle Cat’s paw print etched in. All tattoos were painted in addition to his highly detailed and shaded paint job. Enjoy!



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