Purplexor (MOTUC Original)


Purplexor. One man on Eternia dares to question death. Purplexor is a member of the Galactic Space Wizards who decided to stay on Eternia after completing an Inquisitor mission because he found too many unanswered questions on Eternia. He is a master swordsman who asks his enemy a question before battle. If they answer correctly he gives them one more day to live, but will come for them on the next. Skeletor is happy to include him in his ranks, but feels he must always have Beast Man keep tabs on all of Purplexor’s activities.

Purplexor was made from an Icaarus body, King Hisss armor with sculpted detail, Barron Mordo head with sculpted hair, Lex Luthor arms, and Zodak skirt and legs. Finished with a Filmation style paint job. Enjoy!



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