Mon-Stor (MOTUC Original)


MON-STOR SMASH!!! Adding another character to my original Masters of the Universe collection comes Mon-Stor! One of Hordak’s horrible experiments gone wrong, Mon-Stor is the the product of Hordak’s League of Science attempt to “recycle” dead Eternians. Gross! Mon-Stor is made up of dozens of dead Eternian body parts, all sewn together into a monstrous mess. Even though he wears the symbol of Hordak, on the battlefield Mon-Stor serves no one! He will just as quickly cleave the head of Hordak as rip the arms off He-Man! Mon-Stor comes with his Horde Cleaver, and has real chains that used to bind him, hanging from his wrist gauntlets. Mon-Stor has a deeply shaded decaying and rotting flesh paint job, topped off with bright Horde highlights!

Mon-Stor was made from a MOTUC base with a ML movie Sandman head. Finished with layers of dry brushing, shading, and highlights to make up his decrepit skin. Enjoy!



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