Vision (Age of Ultron movie)


The newest member of the Avengers cinematic team, Vision still has yet to really be seen, but this is based off of the concept art that was released for the movie. From his cape to his eyes, this Vision is PACKED with details from the movie! His paint job is a combination of matte, metallic, and gloss to give him that cyber/Stark tech look. His suit is detailed with custom sculpted parts and painted piping and panels to bring out this unique vision of the Vision! His head is 90% brand new sculpted details. I referenced several pieces of art work to really get all those panels and techy details of his head. And check out those glowing electronic eyes! Vision comes with 2 sets of interchangeable hands; one set of fists for impaling Ultron’s army, and one set of outstretched hands so he can really pull off those Visionary poses!

Vision was made from a Hydra base, Cap arms, DCU hands, Carnage lower legs, and a resculpted Conan head. Complete metallic green, red, and gold paint job. Enjoy!



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