Black Widow (Age of Ultron Movie)


Decided to add to my Avengers Age of Ultron movie line. Here is a movie accurate Black Widow from the concept art that was released. This time around she comes with some great electric blue piping, and grey and red highlights. I added her shock batons, and replaced her holsters and guns with real working ones. I gave her shoes that were more like the ones featured in the art instead of those impractical high heels, and they retain the nice new Marvel Legends Infinite series articulation. She has a more streamlined physique and I sculpted her shock gauntlets on her arms. I also gave her more movie accurate hair, sculpted shock pads on her knees, and a highly detailed paint job. Now Black Widow is ready to take on an army of Ultrons!

Black Widow was a BW base with Hope hair and Artemis shoes. Everything else was sculpted detail. Enjoy!



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