Doomsday Man Of Steel


The second figure commission for my Man Of Steel concept line fan, DOOMSDAY!!! He is not only a must as far as villains go, but now there are some serious rumors going around that he will indeed be in the next movie, Batman v Superman! Doomsday has been my favorite villain since he killed Superman back in 1992. I remember the day that issue came out. Having done a couple Doomsdays before, I wanted to give this one a unique look and also have him fit into the MOS universe. I sculpted his bone protrusions to make him look rocky as if he was a product of Krypton’s surface. I also matched his armor and metal trappings to that of the Jax Ur figure. Together they both have a Dr. Frankenstein/Frankenstein’s Monster vibe.

Doomsday was made from a Green Goblin BAF, a bit of fodder, and the rest was sculpted. Finished with a Kryptonian paint job. It was fun to revisit my MOS line. Thanks my friend! Enjoy!



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