Nightwing (Nightwing The Series)


I did a custom Nightwing figure a while back for the Nightwing The Series creators. I was a fan of Danny’s fan films, so when I heard about NTS I reached out to see if there was anything I could do to be involved. We decided on this figure as  a contest to bring awareness to the series and other possible future series (Red Hood is coming for you Danny. Wink!) They are running a contest to win the figure RIGHT NOW! No cost! Click the link and watch the 3 minute video for info! Good luck!

Nightwing was made from ML Black Panther body, movie Batman forearms and belt with sculpted wraps, Superboy head with sculpted mask. The figure is based on all the actual suit specs that Danny gave me long before the series aired. Ergo the late post and secrecy. Thanks to Danny and the Ismahawk entity for letting me be a part of it. Enjoy!



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