Kill-Eel (MOTUC Original)


Dark Eternia: A parallel universe overrun by bounty hunters and thieves. When Queen Marlena’s ship crashed on Eternia, it fractured space and time. The years of battle between He-Man and Skeletor have turned that fracture into a door, and the door to Dark Eternia is no longer shut.

Kill-Eel, water-bound half brother of Kill-Rilla and master of the Dark Eternia seas. Kill-Eel looks upon all land dwellers in disgust. Just like many deep sea dwelling creatures, Kill-Eel uses the florescent light from his head to hypnotize his enemies before electrifying them with his electricity charged tentacles, or impaling them on his bone staff.

Kill-Eel was make from a MOTUC buck, Hydron legs and forearms, Mer-Man hands, Count Marzo modded chest piece, ML Constrictor tentacles, DCUC GL head, neck from some dragon toy, and fodder. Finished him with a classic MOTU paint job. Enjoy!



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