Lord Fire-Bird (MOTUC Original)


Dark Eternia: A parallel universe overrun by bounty hunters and thieves. When Queen Marlena’s ship crashed on Eternia, it fractured space and time. The years of battle between He-Man and Skeletor have turned that fracture into a door, and the door to Dark Eternia is no longer shut.

A powerful light against the evil of Dark Eternia, Lord Fire-Bird uses just as ruthless tacktics to keep the hunters and killers of Dark Eternia at bay. Lord Fire-Bird is leader of a growing resistence against the forces of Lord Dark. He weilds the great Feather Blade, and flys on wings of fire!

Lord Fire-Bird was made from a MOTUC buck, Redaki lower arms, ML Angel wings and fodder armor. I can’t remember what the head is from. Finished him with a blazing phoenix paint job. Enjoy!


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