Kill-Rilla and Space Monkey (Masters of the Universe Original)


Dark Eternia: A parallel universe overrun by bounty hunters and thieves. When Queen Marlena’s ship crashed on Eternia, it fractured space and time. The years of battle between He-Man and Skeletor have turned that fracture into a door, and the door to Dark Eternia is no longer shut.

Kill-Rilla and Space Monkey are two of Dark Eternia’s most feared out-laws. A product of scientific testing, Kill-Rilla escaped from one of the moons of Dark Eternia with his battle suit and fellow test subject, Space Monkey. Despite his size Space Monkey is twice as angry and twice as ruthless as his larger counterpart. Together they travel Dark Eternia taking out bounty hunter and hero alike.

Kill-Rilla is a Flogg base with a DCU Fishbowl Lantern neck piece, and a McFarlane figure head. Space Monkey was from a DC Braniac figure with sculpted space suit. Finished both off with a propper MOTUC paint job. Enjoy!



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