Rat-Trap Masters of the Universe Original


Dark Eternia: A parallel universe overrun by bounty hunters and thieves. When Queen Marlena’s ship crashed on Eternia, it fractured space and time. The years of battle between He-Man and Skeletor have turned that fracture into a door, and the door to Dark Eternia is no longer shut. Rat-Trap is a bounty hunter from Dark Eternia, eager to claim the bounty for He-Man’s head and add his Power Sword to his rusted weapons arsenal. Rat-Trap is equipped with a fully flexible tail allowing him to knock his enemies down before he drives one of his rusty blades into them! Rat-Trap is a completely original character with sculpted parts and a deeply shaded and detailed paint job. Look for more from Dark Eternia soon!

Rat Trap was made from a MOTU body with sculpted hair, DCUC Parademon feet, toy tentacle tail, and and old Thundercats toy head with sculpted details.





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