Iron Skull (Avengers Assemble)


This is so metal, I’m totally naming my band after this guy.

Just started watching the ‘Avengers Assemble’ cartoon, and really liked the idea of Red Skull taking Iron Man’s armor and becoming the Iron Skull. Such a cool design, and now it’s kind of reflecting in the comics in the Axis story line. By far one of Marvel’s best villains. Can’t wait to see him return in the movies.

This is Red Skull all armored up in one of Stark’s armors and wielding the Cosmic Cube! I put a lot of shading and detail in his face to more closely resemble his look from the show. Check out the energy lines in the suit, and the skullpted skull on his chest! This Skull is going to blow the Avengers away! Enjoy!

Skull was made from a GOTG Iron Man, ML Red Skull head, and the rest is skullpted detail!



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