REVIEW: Marvel Legends Infinite Series Agent Venom


True believers! Welcome back to another AC Custom Figures review. Today I give you the figure you have all been crawling the walls for: Marvel Legends Spiderman Infinite Series Agent Venom! For some wacky reason the good folks at Hasbro decided to make this figure exclusive to ONLY Walgreens…(crickets). That’s right! You can only get this figure at retail in your friendly neighborhood Walgreens drug store. Don’t do drugs! Of course you can always, and may have gone onto Ebay and given in to scalpers. When the figure was first announced it was at SDCC 2014 a couple months ago. That was for pre-sales from the Hasbro booth, and the Walgreens pre-sales sold out in minutes. Soon after he was drwing upwards of $100 each, but he has since been finally showing up in stores at a fair $19.95 retail. And let me tell you from first hand experience, sadly, there are few better feelings than looking up on the top shelf of the Walgreens toy aisle and finding a brand new case of these guys after scouring the city for months. DO NOT spend more than $19.95 plus tax on this guy. Have patience. He will show up in your stores.

On to the review…

venom1bThis is an awesome figure for an awesome character, and in my opinion, the best of the Spiderman Infinite wave. He is comprized of some old and some new parts. He has a Steve Rogers/Drax upper body, biceps and theighs, and Ultimate Cap’s belt with Rogers and Hit Monkey guns. His forearms, head, knees to feet and armor are all brand new. His head sculpt is very buggy and alien looking which fits the character. As well are his hands with fingers that are aranged in new gun holding poses, and attach seemlessly to his forearm armor, with a forearm twist similar to Rogers and Drax. His knee pads, shins and feet are all new detailed sculpt that  accurately represent the comics.

The coolest part of the figure is his upper armor. His Shoulder pads are a soft plastic that are flexible and move with the venom2barticulation of his arms. His body armor is also made of the same flexible plastic and is removable. It also still allows a bit of an ab crunch through the armor, and damn does it look good! I love the protective collar that goes around his neck.

venom3As far as exessories, this guy is loaded! As I mentioned, his belt is a straight black version of Ultimate Cap’s, as is his holstered gun on his hip. He comes with 4 guns (3 Hit Monkey and one Steve Rogers), and they all fit perfectly with the figure and can be hld in his hands or in the best accessory yet, his symbiot tenticles! Just like Carnage and Beverman before him, Venom comes with a 4 armed tenticle attachment that can weild all 4 guns at once! Awesome feature.

Even with all the armor and accessories, the articulation on the figure remains top notch! He can strike any pose Madonna can dish out and then some, and with the peg hole in his back the aerial ones are the best!

His paint job is very simple: black and white. I heard that for the spider symbol on the flexible armor parts Hasbro used a stamp instead of thevenom4 normal spray. Which brings me to the negatives of the figure, of which there are few.

The stamped on white bits missed a lot of the crevases leaving a lot of black spots revealed througout the design. It is also very rare that the white outline of the eyes is actually where it’s supposed to be. And as I mentioned the belt works but could have used a bit of a revamp or paint highlights. And of course that stupid non-functional gun on his hip. Just like Ult Cap and the new Black Widow, I would have loved some more of those Nick Fury holsters.

venom7Overall this is one of my most favorite figures that Hasbro has put out since its return. Which is saying a lot because they’ve put out a lot of great figures over the last couple years, and each wave leaves me excited for the rest. A little bonus like this is very cool!

Remember folks, don’t give in to scalpers on this one. Be patient. And remember to shop smart; shop S Mart (or Walgreens).

Nuff said.


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