REVIEW: Marvel Legends Infinite Series Part 3: Cap and the rest!

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Hey true believers! Welcome back to another AC Custom Figures review! Today I’m finishing off my Marvel Legends Infinite Series review with the Winter Soldier series and the rest of the Spiderman series. Better late than never, right?! You can find my part 1 review here, and part 2 review here.

The figures included here are the Cap 2 movie versions of Cap, Winter Soldier, and Black Widow, the comic versions of Red Skull, Baron Zemo, Hydra soldier, AIM Soldier, and the Mandroid BAF! I also finish off the Spiderman series with Boomerang and Spider Girl.

cap1First up is Captain America! This is Steve Rogers in his movie stealth suit. The figure is spot on. The sculpt is right from the cap3bmovie, with paint apps to match. He comes with some interesting interchangeable hands, including a slap hand, nose picker, and fist. His articulation is great with some pretty unique shaped hips that aid his movement. Best part: Cap has 2 interchangeable heads. The masked is great, but the unmasked is a welcome addition considering the previous unmasked Marvel Legends Steve Rogers head that looked like a 60 year old Matt Damon. Worst part: His reverse negative shield isn’t from the movie and lends nothing to the figure. If they were going to go with this color scheme it would have been cool to have a battle damaged shield, like in the movie.

ws2Next up is the Winter Soldier himself. I love this figure. A great adaptation of a great take on the WS from the movie. Thews1b figure really captures Bucky’s look from the film. The sculpt is completely new, and the masked head captures all the coolness from the movie. And his bionic arm really makes the figure. Best part: the arm. Worst part: a lot of these figures come with awkward over sized weapons that make no sense. Since Bucky isn’t the only one that comes with one of these, I’ll say his worst feature is his alternate, unmasked head. It’s poorly painted around the eyes, and makes him look like he has high blood pressure.

The most anticipated figure of the line is probably Black Widow, who didn’t get a figure from the Avengers for some reason. I bw1bhave to say, the figure does look good, and the body sculpt and paints are really nice, but this is the most bw2disappointing figure of the series. The only weapons she comes with are 2 holstered guns on her hip that she can’t hold because they don’t come out. Which doesn’t make sense because one set of hands that she comes with are gun hands. They trick you with her BAF pieces because along with the torso, the blaster belongs to the Mandroid. The other pair of hands that she comes with are “walk like an Egyptian” hands. Both of her heads look like Johanson, but one one has straight hair and the other has strange post sex hair. Best part: post sex hair. Worst part: the trick guns.

wwcap1For some reason Hasbro has an odd habit of reissuing past figures. Included in this line is the WWII Cap from the first Cap wwcap3bmovie. I actually really like this figure. It’s a great suit and the paints are really nice. However, I would have much rather have had a comic or movie Crossbones, or the severely overlooked Falcon figure (makes no sense why he wasn’t included). The Cap that I got had a bum leg right out of the package that actually lent itself to some great photos. Best part: the suit. Worst/best part: bum leg.

rs3bNow for the villains! First up is Red Skull. Left out of the first movie line of figures, but here he is in rs2all his glory with a brand new movie head sculpt, new hands, and a re-issued Punisher base. He’s actually a decent looking figure, especially when he’s holding his accessory, the highly coveted Tesseract! Made from the same translucent blue plastic that Mattel used for Aqualad’s weapons. Skull also comes with a couple hand guns, one of which is one of those clunky oddballs, but works well with him considering Hydra weapons are pretty unique looking. Best part: the head sculpt looks just like Hugo Weaving’s take on the character. Worst part: an original and new base would have been cool.

zemo4Next is one of my favorites. Baron Zemo! I’ve always loved this guy even though he’s rarely seen in the zemo1bcomics. This figure is a welcome update from his old figure. Even though Zemo is a re-used Bucky Cap base, the new head sculpt and new belt with really cool sash really set the figure apart. He has a great new sword that fits into the belt, and a pistol. However, it’s the paints that make him really pop! Best part: the figure. Worst part: not the figure.

aim3The minions. One of the stars of the series is the AIM figure. You can’t miss himaim1b with the bright yellow, he nearly glows in the dark. The body is almost entirely new. I think he uses a couple parts from the WWII Cap, but they really put more thought into this one than any others. His bee hive head is really cool and holds a lot of articulation. Everything from his collar to his pointy jackboots is a breath of fresh aim, I mean air. This is another figure where the crazy weapons really go well. Just like Hydra, AIM is knows for making some crazy shiz! Best part: it may seem small, but his bandolier cross chest belt is really cool. Its got some grenades on it. Rad. Worst part: going blind when you look at him.

hyd3Hail Hydra! The Hydra soldier is pretty cool. A new head sculpt on the new Black Panther body with Bucky Cap hands. His hyd2bcolors are comic appropriate, and again, the weapons are great. His buggy eyes and expression are really fitting as well. Best part: the Hydra octopus on the rifle. Worst part: new details on the body base would have been cool. It’s a bit plain, but his rad harness and belt give him some personality.

mand2The last figure in this wave is the Mandroid BAF. This figure is a beast! It uses parts from the newest Iron Monger BAF, but enhances them with amand1b giant double sided blade on one arm, and a huge gatling gun on the other arm. He has a shoulder cannon that comes with Scarlet Witch, and the head is really cool. As small as it is it still has a bit of articulation. Best part: the size and bulk of the figure is great, and the body has an almost metallic feel to it. Worst part: the legs have good articulation for the size, but the arms are a bit stiff.


sg1These last 2 figures are the last from the Spiderman series that I didn’t get to review earlier. Ladies first, Spider Girl is cool sg3bbecause she’s a new sculpt from head to toe. And she’s age appropriate. The body isn’t a curvy Black Cat body, but that of a younger girl. Before this turns too creepy lets move to the head sculpt. Brand new with mask and cool ponytail hair. Her hands add dynamic to the figure, and there is a bagginess to her costume that fits the character. Best part: the ponytail. Worst part: some kind of accessory would be cool. A web or something.

boom3The last figure is Boomerang. A new head on US Agent’s body, but it’s a really cool head sculpt. I really like the articulation of this new base body that Hasbro is using. We first saw it with the Bucky Cap figure, and it boom1bhas been used since for US Agent, Black Panther, Hydra soldier, and probably a couple more. Boomerang comes with a red neck like gun rack of boomerangs that detaches from his back, and then the 4 boomerangs then detach from the rack. I also really like the color scheme of the figure. It’s very “Superior Foes of Spiderman”. Best part: Boomerack. Worst part: as much as I like the base body, lets move on.

Again, at the end of the day I really like this series. All the figures are really dynamic and pretty unique. They will all look great in any Marvel Legends collection. And for customizing they are great. The joints and joint pegs are easy to change, and most of the heads pop right off. If you are interested in picking some up, even though I am late with this review, Entertainment Earth still has some cases left! Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for more custom figure madness! Enjoy!

See you in the future!


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