Review: Marvel Legends 2014 Infinite Series Part 1


Hey all! Welcome back to another ACCF Review! This week I’m playing with 2 figures from the newest line of Marvel Legends, the Infinite Series Captain America and Superior Spiderman!

rev1First off is a figure that I personally have been waiting for for years. Captain America is my all time favorite, and ever since he debuted in his Marvel NOW! armored costume, I have dreamed of owning a figure. The sculpt on Cap is spot on! I thought his boots and gloves would be a rehash of the movie figure’s from the Avengers line, everything is all new design with some great detail. This is one costume that has been drawn differently by every artist that has taken a stab at it, but the figure has seemed to refine the costume and gives us a definite version of how this new tactical Cap should look. I particularly like the knee caps and his upper torso sculpt. The armor looks amazing! And the head sculpt is the same Steve Rogers under the helmet that Hasbro has used for the Commander Rogers figure and Ultimate Cap.

The downside of this figure, and there are a few, are the paint apps, the articulation, and the shield. As for the paint, the big one isrev2 that Cap suffers from the same retardation that the Hyperion from the Hit Monkey line suffered from, and that is eyes that look in 2 different directions. I don’t know why no one at Hasbro notices this. Along with that, the boots and gloves are just solid red plastic with no detail or shading. The same goes for all of the blue areas from the clasps on the armor and the armor itself, and his pants. There are sculpted details, but areas that should be darker or resemble metallic parts look the same as his scales and his pants. Also, his rev3mid section seems to be made out of some glossy painted plastic that was chipping on my figure. The articulation was another problem. The feet were heavily restricted when he is posed in a standing upright position. I also noticed that most of these figures have a strange bend to the right leg which adds to the standing problem. The last issue I had was with the shield. I thought they could have gone with something more dome shaped, just for a new twist. Or like they did with the variant of the Commander Rogers figure, give us a battle damaged shield. Cap comes with the head of the super cool looking Mandroid BAF that won’t be completed until the second wave of the Captain America Infinite series hits.

rev4The second figure in this review is the long awaited Superior Spiderman. Doc Ock in Peter’s body! Kissing Mary Jane! Need I say more? I made a couple customs of this figure, and made it a point to work in all the subtle nuances of the latest costume. Early images of this figure showed the current black and red Superior Spiderman costume with the feet of the first blue and red SS costume, and missing the “Spiderpack” on his back, the forearm gauntlets, and the red shoes. Once the figure came out they had fixed the foot issue, just barely however as they are just painted on, but this final figure is still missing the “Spiderpack”, fine, but the forearm gauntlets?! Those are as staple to the character as his webs!

On the up side, which most of it is, for a Spiderman figure he’s great! The all new head sculpt is perfect; the eyes especially, and therev5 paint apps on the web lines are great. Not symmetrical, just like in the comics. The only gripe I have about the paints is that the eyes are a brown plastic instead of a gloss black or metallic charcoal like they are colored in the books. Superior Spiderman’s articulation is amazing. He has the new hip/thigh/ankle hinge and swivels, and his wrists are double articulated. He also comes with 2 sets of hands; one set of fist/thumbs up(?) and one set of thwipt slinging/”I’m rocking at a Metallica concert” hands. This guy also comes with the right leg of the Ultimate Green Goblin BAF.

rev11One last thing I wanted to mention briefly was the packaging that these figures come in. It’s a new design for Marvel Legends. Each figure comes in a strapless/twisty tie-less tray that they just pop out of, and a cool re-sealable box. They are great for the collector, and keeping your figures clean and re-packable.

At the end of the day, both of these are great figures. The new Marvel Legends keep getting better and better, and I can’t wait to see what Hasbro has planned every quarter.


See you in the future!


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