Damian Wayne Batman Inc. Jet Suit Robin


I’m a sucker for all things Damian Wayne, new suits, and armor. So you can guess the last page of Batman Inc. #7 made my head explode. Then of course in the next issue one of comicdom’s greatest new character of the last 10 years gets the ax, but not before he kicks some butt in his new “Robin Armor.” An amazing design by my buddy Chris Burnham, for an amazing character. Damian’s armor has the wrist mounted machine guns as seen in the opening pages of Batman Inc. #8, and the wings on his suit are detachable! Check out his sculpted facemask and armor!

Damian was a MM Batman, YJ Sports Master head, fodder, some sculpted parts, and a custom paint job. Absolutely one of my favorite figures to date. Enjoy!

See you in the future!




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