Darkseid Man of Steel


Next up in my “What if…Man of Steel” line is the baddest of the bad. The guy that sent Batman to the Quakers, and plagues Superman like green on spinach. The king of Apokolips! Darkseid! I wanted to give him a darker, more human look, maintaining his menacing size, but leaving out the “Old Stone Man” look. I also used Grant Morisson’s Final Crisis as inspiration, combined with his current DC New 52 color scheme of blacks and gunmetal, metalic blue and neon pink and red. Also wanted him to be a bit larger than the Movie Masters Superman figure. Check out the sculpted Omega symbol on his forehead, and his Omega beams ready to blast emanating from his eyes!

Following in the footsteps of General Zod, after hearing of the mammoth battle between he and Superman, Darkseid has set out on a quest to track down and challenge Kal-El to a death match in the arenas of his homeworld Apoklips! There Darkseid rules as an unbeaten champion and tyrant, and he will die before he allows word of a more formidable champion to spread the cosmos.

Darkseid was a DCD BatRobot base, Metal Man head, Cyborg legs, some fodder, sculpt, and a custom paint job. Enjoy!

See you in the future!



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