Batman Zero Year


There are 2 things I love in this world: Batman and Mad Max. When I first saw the panel of Batman dressed in a sort of post apocalyptic Mad Max get up in issue #21 I almost pooped. Bad A. So here is my go at it. This Batman has more straps, buckles and pouches than he knows what to do with. I wanted him to be as accurate to the comic as I could, which was tough considering he has only appeared like this in one panel. He comes with a custom made bike and cross bow. And check out the customs sculpted back pack!

This guy was blast to make, but a large job as most of the back pack is sculpted. He was a New 52 Bats with modded cowl, wrestler boots, DCUC hands sculpted, lots of fodder and a custom paint job. The bike was bits and pieces from a couple bat bikes and some fodder. The best part of it is the flat black paint job with gun metal highlights. Enjoy!

See you in the future!



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