Bizarro Man of Steel


Next up in my “What if…Man of Steel” line is Bizarro! In the wake of the destruction of Metropolis Lex Luthor is upheld by the city’s people as a hero. Lexcorp has lead the way in the reconstruction of Metropolis, however, behind the scenes Luthor is determined in his efforts to bring down the Man of Steel. Along with creating Metallo, Luthor has attempted to clone Superman. The birth of Bizarro marks the beginning of a very deadly and bizarre time for Superman! Bizarro comes with his own chunk of Kryptonite that he carries on a chain around his neck. Check out the sculpted backward ‘S’ symbol on his chest, and his tattered cape! Every figure in this line will come with their own chard of Kryptonite!

Bizarro was a MOS Superman, wrestler head, sculpted parts, fodder, and a custom paint job.


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