Steampunk Batman


I have always wanted to try my hand at a “Steampunk” style figure, so I figure why not start with the Dark Knight himself?! This is Batman all decked out in his alternate universe Steampunk duds. Batman comes with a set of removable goggles, a detachable jet pack, and a custom painted steampunk grapple/floodlight gun! And check out his bad @$$ utility belts with enough pockets to house anyone who has ever been a Robin!!!

I do believe this is the most fun I have had on a figure yet! He was a blast, and I love how he turned out.

He was a Dr. Midnight base, DCD Batman head, Atom arms, Bane legs, YJ Batman hands, a lot of ML and DCUC fodder, and a custom paint job.

See you in the future!



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