The Court of Owls

The Court of Owls. The new villains from the recent Batman run by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. These guys are like a more classy version of the 1%, and have way cooler lobbyists in the un-dead Talons.

This story really grew on me, and I thought they would fit right into the ‘What if…” Nolan-verse villains series I’ve been doing, but these guys also fit into the traditional DCUC figure line as well. They come as a set of 3 and each come with their own accessory along with the table setting piece. Check out that super creepy blind folded doll. She seems to set the mood all on her own!

I loved how in the comic each Owl in the court had a unique expression on their mask, so I tried to recreate that in each sculpt. I accentuated the expressions with different shades of white, off-white, grey and black.

These guys were a DKR Joker, Joker thug, and Alfred, with sculpted masks, lots of Buffy stuff, and custom paint jobs.
See you in the future!


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