Killer Croc Dark Knight Rises

As a result of the events of TDKR, a new aristocracy has rises to fill the void in Gotham. Enter Killer Croc. Croc is muscle for the leaders of the new Gotham elite. With his gold teeth and gold knuckles that spell out “KILL BATS”, Croc is every bit a gangster as Penguin is a mobster, and loves hurting Batman. Croc was victim of a degenerative spinal disease and now has a cybernetic spine that looks like the tail of a crocodile, and gives him superhuman strength. Additional inspiration for this guy came from Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo’s Killer Croc from the GN “Joker.”

Croc was a white guy. Kamandi upper body, Atom forearms, Russian guy from Street Fighter head re-sculpted, some sculpted details and a Bane lower half, wrapped up in a custom paint job.
See you in the future!


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