Penguin The Dark Knight Rises

I never really got into the Penguin that much, so I figured I would do one for my “What if…DKR” villains series. This version is very non-traditional. I picture someone like Jude Law or Depp playing him, so I went for a taller, lanky version, rather than short and fat. He still has his staple tux including top hat and tails. I also gave him his monocle and a red rose to break up the color.

He also comes with a custom made umbrella gun; a machine gun in the shape of an umbrella, which fits his MO. The Penguin is an older man, and a Russian arms dealer that has burrowed into the Gotham elite in the wake of Bane’s rule. He now supplies Gotham’s criminal underworld with custom weapons designed to take out the Blake and anyone working with him.

He was a Gentleman Ghost upper half and shoes, John Blake lower, Aquaman head, and a custom umbrella gun, all wrapped up in a custom paint job.

See you in the future!


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