Huntress The Dark Knight Rises

This one goes out to my brother, “Huntress, the hottest woman in comics!”

Along with my villains series, I wanted to do a few allies of the Bat that would help John Blake fight crime in a post-Bruce Wayne Gotham. Helena Bertinelli is a corporate big wig in Gotham that notices something isn’t right as a new white-collar class of criminal, including Penguine, Hugo Strange, and Doctor Hurt, move into the city she loves. She becomes the Huntress, and takes it upon herself to play backup for Blake. She comes with her signature crossbow, and cross around her neck!

Huntress was a DKR Catwoman, DCD Huntress head and fodder, Superwoman cape, and a custom made crossbow, in a custom purple paint job that doesn’t appear correct in the photos.

See you in the future!


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