So here’s one for the books. The illusive Marvelman. The comic world can’t quite put it’s finger on him. For those that don’t know him, Marvelman he is a “superman” of the UK created in 1954 by Mick Angelo. However, for copyright reasons when he was reprinted in the US he became ‘Miracleman. His original series ran until 1963, but was re-invented in 1982 by Alan Moore as a dark, near anti-hero.
In 2009 Marvelman reclaimed his original name as the rights to the character were snatched up by Marvel Comics. He has since laid dormant awaiting his re-introduction to the world.
A great character with a great history, and a great design. It was a fun job, and an honor to be one of the few to attempt this figure thus far. I’m really happy how he turned out. This guy finds his new home with my boy Frank, thanks for the challenge dude.



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