Red Dead Redemption’s Zombie John Marston

Wow! These two were done as a commission for a client, and both are hands down the most ambitious projects I’ve taken on yet! Also the most fulfilling, and educational. I learned a ton on these guys.

I didn’t know anything about the character, and had never even heard of them before the client contacted me, and I am so glad he did. I’m still not sure if I’ve got their stories straight, as they seem a bit confusing, but John here is a character in the video game series ‘Red Dead Redemption’ and ‘Undead Nightmare.’ Apparently he and his son Jack are very similar, and both become zombies at some point.

So here is John as a zombie. He was a Question body and Hex head, with a bit of sculpt, accessories, and a rotting paint job! I love that eye!



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