Scarlet Spider, Kaine

Ok, so who hasn’t fallen in love with this new costume design for Kaine, the new Scarlet Spider?! The black and red juxtaposition is fantastic, and the placement of the colors? Dope bro!

I have yet to pick up the book, but will absolutely pick it up in trade. I’ve always enjoyed Yost’s work, and the more I see of Stegman’s panel layouts the more I see the MacFarlane in him. And how perfect for the character!

Now I know a bucket full of people have already had a go at this figure, but none of them are using hands that can make real “Thwipt!” poses…so I did. I also gave him magnets in his head so he can do spider-neck, and feet so he can stick to stuff and hang all spidery and shiz.

He is a Captain Marvel body, Quicksilver forearms, Iron Spider fingers, and a Spiderman head.

Oh! And those Spider emblems are the smallest amount of fun you can imagine divided by 3!

Snoochie Boochies biznaches!


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