Wolverine (Outback X-Men)

I love animals. Australia has been burning in a way it never has due to global warming, and also at least 25 worthless people that they’ve arrested for intentionally starting some of these brush fires. Counted in the losses thus far are over 1.5 billion animals, including 1/3 of the world’s Koala population. Add to that the loss of a huge portion of the eucalyptus trees, and there will be much more loss ahead.

So I wanted to do what little I’m capable of and donate my time and talent to raising awareness and money for the situation. I’ve made 2 custom figures that I’m going to auction off and donate the entire amount to either Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors or Zoos Victoria.

This is from the coolest era of the X-Men, a 6″ Marvel Legends Ultimate Outback Wolverine! He features 3 interchangeable heads( one masked, one masked with cigar, and one unmasked with cigar), and down mask, machine gun, interchangeable hands, a new detailed paint job, and new claws! Enjoy!


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